The Importance of Underlay

When you are shopping for a brand new carpet it is usually a fun experience. With so many styles, colours, textiles, and designs to choose from, the possibilities really are endless.

It is because of this that often people do not give a lot of thought to purchasing new underlay, it will be hidden beneath the carpet, so is it really that important?

The simple answer is, yes! And, as underlay wears at the same rate as carpet, it is advisable that both are changed at the same time, even though buying underlay may not be a particularly exciting experience.

Here are some other reasons why underlay is important:

Although it may be tempting to spend as little as possible on underlay, it is better to invest a bit of money in it to ensure that you make the most out of all of these benefits.

It is also advised that you hire a professional to lay both carpet and underlay for you, just to ensure that it has been done in a way that will optimise its longevity and durability.

With all of these benefits linked to laying high quality underlay beneath your new carpet, it is definitely worth considering, amongst thoughts of how great your carpet is going to look in your home.

We would strongly recommend, our 9mm Foam underlay, 2.35 tog, 125kg density which is ONLY for £5.95m2 
(carpet right sell 8mm foam underlay, 1.9 tog, 0.63 density for £6.99m2)

9mm foam underlay

If you have any questions regarding underlay or the 9mm foam underlay advertised please do not hesitate to contact us.

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