Three ways to create a stunning staircase

Depending on where the staircase is located within your house, it may be that it is one of the main features which means that you need to ensure that is looks amazing.

There are plenty of ways in which you can create a stunning staircase that is sure to make a statement in your home.

Cover your staircase with carpet

Although a natural looking staircase can be a lovely feature, there is nothing nicer than having a soft carpet beneath your feet as you climb the stairs to bed, and this will make using the stairs a lot quieter too!

You don’t need us to tell you that carpets are available in a whole variety of colours, designs, and thicknesses, so it is guaranteed that you will find a style that is perfect for you across all of these details.

For a particularly stunning staircase, a luxurious looking carpet in a neutral colour is a fantastic choice, and carpets in rich colours look great in an otherwise neutrally decorated room.

Fancy bannisters

A fancy looking bannister is sure to make your staircase look extra stunning, and there are plenty of options available, including wooden, metal, and painted designs.

Just choose bannisters which are in keeping with your home décor to ensure that they attract attention for the right reasons, or even have a go at refreshing your current ones for a budget friendly option.

Invest in some stair rods

A practical and decorative addition to any staircase, stair rods are a hardware item used to secure your carpet to each step so that it stays in place no matter how many times you and your family run up and down the stairs.

Not only do they carry out this handy function, but they also look great as they are available in a whole range of different styles which will complement the rest of your décor, and make your staircase really standout.

Examples of stunning stair rods include those with ornate detail, or with crystals on each end, and you can get designs which work with both fully carpeted stairs and those which have a carpet runner too.

For a fantastic selection of stair rods, take a look at who offer a great range which is sure to include something that you love.

These options are guaranteed to help you to create a stunning staircase, so you can make it a feature in your home to be proud of.

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