What is latex screed?

Latex screed is created from self-levelling compounds and creates a smooth surface which can be used as a flat and level surface to lay a different flooring type on top of, or as a flooring type itself.

Created from a combination of powder and liquid latex, latex screed can be laid as thin as 1mm, and usually up to around 40mm, but can be made thicker using sharp sand if required.

In order to lay latex screed, it must be mixed, with an electric mixer to make it perfectly smooth, poured, and levelled to a flat finish, usually using a trowel. When mixing, it is very important that it is kept free from any other materials, such as dust, grease, paint, and polish, otherwise the consistency will not be correct.

A primer must usually be added to the existing floor, which is most commonly concrete, before the latex screed is laid, to ensure that it sticks properly, and, as it dries very quickly once it has been poured and levelled, floor finishes can be applied promptly.

A great base for vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, and carpet, latex screed supplies a rigid and solid surface, and levels out the floor if it is uneven, so that new flooring can be laid effectively, and this base will keep it looking great for longer.

Latex screed can also be used to cover heating elements, which makes it ideal for those who have chosen to have underfloor heating in their home, or commercial space. This is because it absorbs warmth from the underfloor heating pipework and this is then radiated into the room it has been laid in.

In order for this to work and ensure that no damage is done to the pipework, the system should be tested for leaks before the screed is laid, and pressure should be maintained while the work is carried out.

The fact that latex screed is very hygienic also makes it a popular choice for places where food is prepared, where is will be left bare once it has been laid.

So, although it may be that you are not familiar with what latex screed it, we hope that this blog post has given you an insight in how useful it can be in producing a completely flat flooring surface, and also as a perfectly acceptable flooring type in itself.

If your floor uneven or you are worried about the cost of fixing the floor before you lay new flooring?
Latex screed could be the answer!

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