Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom

When choosing bathroom flooring it is important that you consider how functional it is, as well as how great it looks, because it will need to be water resistant, non-slip, and able to withstand the effects of humidity too.
Due to this, some types of flooring are really not suitable for use in bathrooms, so it is vital that you do your research before committing to something which may become discoloured, warped, or expand, when exposed to water.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Made up of layers to make it durable, and naturally resistant to mould and bacteria, laminate flooring is ideal for bathrooms, and it is reasonably priced too, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by simply sweeping or vacuuming it, and is simple to install meaning that there is limited upheaval while it is being fitted, plus, it can be laid on top of most other flooring, excluding carpet.

Although it is mostly water resistant, laminate flooring cannot cope with standing water, so any post-shower puddles should be mopped up quickly, and it cannot be refinished if damage occurs unlike other flooring types.

LVT flooring

Luxury Viynl Tile

LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, flooring is another suitable option for bathrooms, as it is created from PVC based materials which makes it 100% waterproof.

More comfortable underfoot than laminate flooring, and with plenty of different designs available, LVT can be recoated if it becomes damage, which gives it great longevity.

As LVT flooring needs gluing down, it is not a possible DIY job, but its strength and durability means that once it is down it will stay looking fantastic for many years.

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Many people like the idea of having solid wood floors in their bathroom, but this is not advisable due to the fact that wood will warp when exposed to humidity.

A convincing alternative to solid wood is engineered wood flooring, which looks just like the real thing, but is made from a thin layer of wood on a plywood base, giving it resistance against water.

Higher in price than laminate, but with a more authentic look, engineered wood flooring comes in plenty of colours, but unfortunately it cannot be sanded down and refinished multiple times.

With these suitable bathroom flooring options available to you, you are certain to find one to suit your tastes and requirements, and we would be happy to discuss these with you further should you have any questions.

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