2017 Wood Flooring Trends


Do you want to get up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of wooden flooring this year? If you’re thinking of laying a hardwood floor in your home or office in the near future read on for inspiration and to find out which flooring styles which are popular choices for 2017.
Whilst wood floors have been popular for a number of years they’re being used increasingly in make-overs and new-builds as there are so many options to choose from.

Colours are either very light or very dark, with nothing in-between. Gone are the days of mahogany-rich reds and cherry woods – instead drama at opposite ends of the colour spectrum are the common choices.
Clients are also becoming much braver as they use bolder surfaces and shapes.
Wooden flooring is the perfect solution to the creation of statement floors and walls.

Colour Trends in Wooden Flooring

It’s all about extremes this year and wooden flooring is making a bold statement with either strong, dark colours that are the talking-point of the room or more subtle lighter colours that complement furniture and accessories.
Dark wooden flooring can be the focal point of the room – the talking point that inspires the whole décor. Whilst light flooring gives a cool feel that acts as the backdrop to eye-catching colours and decorative pieces.

For both business spaces and residential homes, dark or light wooden flooring is the trend to follow.

Light-coloured finishes give a sense of space and the fresh, crisp finishes of light-coloured flooring work well with a coordinated light room, or contrast with bold statement accents in furniture and décor. The perfect choice for light-coloured flooring is Traditional White or White Shadow, which both present a feeling of calm to any room.
Light-coloured flooring also doesn´t show the dirt as much as darker colours, which is a great benefit if daily cleaning isn’t your thing.

traditional white engineered oak flooring

Traditional white Engineered Oak Flooring

Whilst light colours are popular in wooden flooring we are talking whites, greys, and cool looks, rather than warm honeys and orange tones, which now seem a little dated. The feel is crisp, clean, and light, not warm and cosy any longer.

At the other end of the spectrum dark-coloured finishes provide the final touch to a room and convey a bold and grand design. Take Molasses as an example – a rich, dark engineered black wooden floor that stands out as a strong backdrop to the rest of the room and grabs attention the minute you walk in the room. The deep, earthy tones of a dark wood floor can carefully balance with the neutral colours popular today. These darker wooden floors create a sense of sophistication and opulence.

Molasses Dark Wood Flooring

Molasses Dark Wood Flooring

Dark flooring is practical too because as long as it´s not completely black it’s less likely to show scratches, which means less maintenance. It also contrasts dramatically with the light-coloured furniture that is trending at the moment.

For a neutral effect, grey flooring is coming into its own in 2017 and is a versatile floor option for any room, large or small, dark or light. Both light and dark grey are popular choices and grey tones in a room combined with grey wooden flooring can create a contemporary look that will finish off any design scheme perfectly. Grey specialist colouring techniques brings out the natural beauty of the wood and highlights the grains, grooves, and knots to give a genuine wood look and feel.

Grey flooring, such as Stockholm Grey, can also be used as a subtle base for bolder colours and statement furniture as it blends subtly into the background and doesn’t force itself to the foreground.
Understated, cool and modern, grey is the new mahogany. Grey flooring has been gathering momentum for the last few years, and today it encompasses a sophisticated understated look that is likely to be around for a few years to come. Grey is a good choice for the business that wants to portray a formal atmosphere, or a home which wants a wooden floor to be the focal point of a room.

Stockholm Grey Flooring

Stockholm Grey Flooring

Its difficult to choose with so many different options available to you, Let us visit you in our mobile showroom so you can see what works best in your home or work place.

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